What is Covered?

You are heading off for the weekend or embarking on a round-the-world adventure, you can choose the cover that matches your trip. There is no need to pay for cover you simply do not need. We provide clear facts about the benefits and options so you can decide. Here are highlights of the included Benefits.


What is covered by:

Select your plan coverage:
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Overseas Medical Expenses

• Medical Expense Incurred Overseas
{{> show medical.medicalExpenses}}
• Overseas Hospital Confinement Cash
{{> show medical.overseas}}
• Emergency Medical Evacuation
{{> show medical.emergency}}
• Repatriation of Mortal Remains (to Vietnam)
{{> show medical.repatriation}}
• Direct Repatriation of Mortal Remains to Home country instead of Vietnam
{{> show medical.direct}}
• Compassionate Visit
{{> show medical.compassionate}}
• Replacement expenses
{{> show medical.replacement}}
• Return of children
{{> show medical.returnofchildren}}

Personal Accident Indemnity

• Personal Accident – Accidental Death & Disablement
{{> show accident.death}}{{> show trip.insuredchild}}
• Extended cover for Personal Accident (AD&D)
{{> show accident.extended}}
• Child Education Security
{{> show accident.education}}
• Corporate Image Protection
{{> show accident.corporate}}

Trip Assist

• Trip Postponement
{{> show trip.postponement}}
• Trip Cancellation
{{> show trip.cancellation}}
• Trip Curtailment
{{> show trip.curtailment}}
• Aircraft Hijacking
{{> show trip.hijacking}}
• Baggage Loss
{{> show trip.baglose}}
• Baggage Delay
{{> show trip.bagdelay}}
• Loss of Personal money & Travel documents
{{> show trip.ccprotect}}
• Credit Card Protection
{{> show trip.delay}}
• Travel Delay
{{> show trip.delay}}
• Personal Liability
{{> show trip.liability}}

Additional Coverage

• Automatic Extension of the Period of insurance
{{> show additional.automatic}}
• Cover In The Event of Terrorism
{{> show additional.terrorism}}
• CHUBB Assistance Services
{{> show additional.assistance}}

Age Criteria

• Adults
{{> show agecriteria.adults}}
• Child
{{> show agecriteria.child}}

Other Notes

• Per trip max day of coverage - Per trip
{{> show othernotes.pertrip}}
• Per trip max day of coverage - Annual
{{> show othernotes.annual}}
• pre-existing condition
{{> show othernotes.condition}}