What is not covered?

This Policy does not cover, and the Company will not in any event be liable to pay any Benefits or indemnify the Insured Person in respect of, any loss which is, directly or indirectly, caused by, a consequence of, arises in connection with or is contributed to by any of the following:


  • War (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, civil war, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion, popular rising against the Government, riot, strike.

  • Nuclear weapons, radiation or radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear refuse arising from the combustion of nuclear fuel and any process of self-sustaining nuclear fission/ fusion.

  • Any illegal or unlawful act by the Insured Person or confiscation, detention, destruction by customs or other authorities.

  • Any prohibitions or regulations by any Government.

  • Any breach of Government regulation or any failure by the Insured Person to take reasonable precautions to avoid a claim under this Policy following the warning of any intended strike, riot or civil commotion through or by general mass media.

  • The Insured Person not taking all reasonable efforts to avoid any injury or minimize any claim under this Policy.

  • Riding or driving in any kind of race, professional sport (meaning the Insured Person would or could earn income or remuneration from engaging in it) and air travel (other than as a passenger in any properly licensed private and/or commercial aircraft), equipped mountaineering (unless with additional premium and with the Company’s approval).

  • Any loss or treatment related/caused by pregnancy, pregnancy complications including all forms of delivery, miscarriage and abortion.

  • Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-injury.

  • While the Insured Person is taking part in a brawl or taking part in inciting a brawl.

  • Action of the Insured Person while under the influence of alcohol, addictive drugs, narcotic drugs to the extent of being unable to control one’s mind.

  • The term “under the influence of alcohol” in case of having a blood test refers to a blood/alcohol level of 150 mg. percent and over.

  • Any pre-existing conditions for which the Insured Person received medical treatment, diagnosis, consultation or prescribed drugs within a 12-month period preceding the Period of Insurance or condition for which medical advice or treatment was recommended by a Physician within a 12-month period preceding the Period of Insurance.

  • AIDS or any Injury or Sickness commencing in the presence of a zero-positive test for HIV, and HIV-related disease.

  • Mental and nervous disorders, including but not limited to insanity.

  • The Insured Person engaging in naval, military or air force service or operations or testing of any kind of conveyance or being employed as a manual worker or whilst engaging in offshore mining or aerial photography or handling of explosive or hitchhiking or backpacking.

  • Venereal disease.

  • Any treatment or surgical operation for congenital deformities and circumcision.

  • Treatment arising from any geriatric, psycho-geriatric or psychiatric condition, stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Birth control or treatments pertaining to infertility.

  • Treatment for obesity, weight reduction or weight improvement.

  • Treatment or services undertaken without the recommendation of a Physician; routine physical examinations or health check ups not incidental to the treatment or diagnosis of a covered Injury or Sickness.

  • Traveling abroad contrary to the advice of a Physician, or for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment or services.

  • Losses which are indirect and consequential in nature.

  • Any loss or liability arising as a result of traveling to or passing by Cuba. This list of country is non-exhaustive and will be updated from time to time by the Company.

*Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full terms, conditions and exclusions.