Why buy annual travel plan?

If you plan to travel frequently in the next 12 months, you should consider purchasing an annual travel insurance plan. Besides cost saving, it saves you the hassle of buying an individual plan travel insurance plan every time you travel.

Designed for people who go on numerous trips throughout the year, our annual travel insurance covers you from the moment you leave your home to start your journey to the time you return, as long as both start and end dates are within the period of your insurance cover.

The individual trip limit is 90 days cover for an unlimited number of trips in any one policy year. With our Platinum Annual Plan you’ll be covered for:

  • up to VND 2,520,000,000 in Overseas Medical Expenses
  • up to VND 2,520,000,000 per policy for Personal Liability
  • up to VND 168,000,000 for Trip Cancellation.

You can also claim up to VND 21,000,000 if your departure is delayed – VND 2,100,000 per 8 consecutive hours.